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Hawai‘i Open

Hawai‘i Open is a portal for open access content from University of Hawai‘i Press. Including both books and journals, Hawai‘i Open includes titles from throughout UH Press’s publication history in Asian, Hawaiian, and Pacific studies made available in OA format through private sponsorship, Knowledge Unlatched, and the Humanities Open Book program, a joint initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

“As stewards of scholarship, we find it important to keep our publications widely accessible,” said Joel Cosseboom, UH Press interim director and publisher. “Hawai‘i Open will move us forward in disseminating knowledge while also highlighting our incredible backlist, which includes some of the best research among university presses.”

“Hawai‘i Open will be an enormous contribution to the advance of scholarship globally, but particularly for colleagues and students in in places in Asia and the Pacific where libraries are inadequate and and access to printed scholarly sources is difficult,” said Professor Barbara Watson Andaya, a member of UH Press’s editorial board and chair of the UH Manoa Asian studies program.

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