Japan's Militant Teachers: A History of the Left-Wing Teachers' Movement

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  • Japan's Militant Teachers is the first comprehensive English-language analysis of the origin and development of the fundamental issues in this struggle. It is an objective approach to the history of the teacher's movement from its prewar conception, through the birth of Nikkyoso in 1947, to that union's present strength encompassing a large majority of all public school teachers. It is significant that this study was undertaken by a non-Japanese. Professor Duke was accepted with full confidence by all parties in the dispute. His study includes material obtained from many firsthand interviews conducted between 1968 and 1970 with the leaders of Nikkyoso and government representatives form the Ministry of Education. He has thus been able to present an objective accounting without passing judgement.

    This book examines the problems of Nikkyoso within the greater context of Japanese society. It is a good introduction to, and analysis of, the problems facing organized teacher' movements as well as the problems facing Japanese education as a whole.

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